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Convert your own firearm for use in your HUNT simulator.

The DuoTracker contains two IR lasers (780 nm and 850 nm) and allows for the possibility to have one laser constantly lit for barrel tracking in HUNT software that supports the feature, a visible laser diode is lit when the constant laser is turned on.

The DuoTracker allows for switching shot and tracking laser frequency.

Fits on barrels from 11 – 23 mm with or without the clamp insert, one included.

On a side-by-side shotgun, mount the DuoTracker on the side.

The DuoTracker can also be mounted on a rail.

When mounted, make sure it is steady and have a clear sight to the screen.

The DuoTracker is sold with a clamp insert, a trigger (the default is a 11-16 mm trigger for right handed persons, and two trigger inserts.

Uses 1 CR123A battery.

A visible diode is lit when the constant IR laser is on. Make sure to turn the unit off when not in use, press and hold for 3s and then release the button.

IMPORTANT! Do not point the unit to a person when turned on, as lasers can hurt the eyes.

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